A Virtual Reality Social Metaverse For Live Events

An immersive social platform for music fans and artists.
Delivered through any browser and dedicated VR apps.

Fans can hang out in concert worlds, chat, listen to music, dance, socialize and grow their social networks. At any time. Day or night.

No App Store.
No gatekeepers.
No installation process.

Just click and you are there

Simply click on a web link to begin interacting with others inside virtual space to converse, communicate, and experience a full concert!

In addition to hanging out in the coolest virtual worlds, music fans will explore and buy tickets to exclusive major events. Invite and join their group of friends for a full music, live experience. 

Built for any device.

Use your desktop or mobile phone. Click a link. Socialize and dance away.
Or immerse yourself using advanced VR hardware such as Oculus, HTC Vive, Magic Leap and more.

Are you an artist, label or concert brand?
Launch your own exclusive virtual event using our festival worlds.
Host your own free or ticketed events.

Your fans can come together and experience your virtual stream in a fully immersive world. Full stage, video screens, games and activities in world. This is not streaming, this is virtual.

Monetization opportunities include virtual tickets, in app avatar exclusives (your digital tour merch), donation and tip links, and more.

Turnkey event production.
Send our team pre-recorded sets for your event, or stream live to your virtual event screens in real time.

Get on the virtual 'Guest List'. 
Be first in line and attend new VR concerts or how to start producing your very own virtual reality events.

The VNU platform is in BETA 1. 
Thank you to all our early adopters, early testers, early attendees! Your feedback and feature ideas continue to make this platform grow towards an exciting new virtual platform for all music lovers to enjoy events virtually.

Report a bug/feature request     |    See the development roadmap